Why do bubbles burst easily?

Why do bubbles burst easily ?

But after the rain, bubbles will last "forever".

Hydrogen bubbles from an aluminium plate etched in ferric chloride. Bubbles form and pop faster.

The discovery of perchlorate as a result of diluting Martian dust in water and searching for the soluble salts it contains is nice but of little practical value for metal etching using ferric chloride.

why do cute bubble monsters pop?

Bubbles pop easily, but cute bubble monsters are forever living

Because they are weakest possible art stuff, they only have a liquid skeleton like earthworms and caterpillars.

Why do bubbles pop so easily?

Life is short when you have a liquid skeleton. Ruptured bubbles vanish but give birth to many smaller daughters (Daughter bubble cascades produced by folding of ruptured thin films; Nature Volume/Pages 465/759762 (10 June 2010)).

ferric chloride bubbles an odalisque

The acid bubbles an odalisque.

Contemporary odalisque painting with small hydrogen bubbles showing how art and science have always been intrinsically intertwined. Ferric chloride bubbles to eat away the metal.

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