Among his targets are (...) invocations of quantum mechanics to account for just about any New Age notion you like.

Robert L. Park, Nature 407, 17-18 (7 September 2000)

qubit contemporary art

Quantum-art enthusiasts are happy to deal with the idea of 'qubits' that can be ones and zeroes at the same time.

How much absurdity can you take ?

Argus Panoptes legendary watchman

The classical quantic explanation to the visual arts conundrum is that we don't see all these weird pictures because they collapse whenever we try to look at them.

How do bubbles form in water? The art world should be at the edge.

The artist finds ways to draw smaller and smaller things. When finally he will able to draw the smallest thing, he will draw the whole universe.

Niels Bohr, startlingly original

Why do bubbles pop so easily ?

Why do bubbles pop so fast?

Duality between parts which are at the same time distinct and connected