Eggplant's non verbal communication

Non verbal communication, an eggplant point of view

Disturbingly, humans can go beyond the surface appearance of behavior to draw inferences about an individual's mental states. If we use traditional printmaking the world becomes so much more magical.

Worst idea, still perilous, being a creative idealist, not cognitively challenged.

Herman Max Gluckman, Politics, Law and ritual in tribal society

proportions against insuperable odds

Obviously more work is needed to flesh out the art model against insuperable odds. We are no longer bound to programs that only process calculations alone.

quick pictures dazzle ditzy elves

Dynamic graphic design, it is today's reality.

But, as so often, there’s more to it: look for the theorem of the lost page. May also be applied to any situation in which the artworks are encountered in real life, the new realities of an online information environment will increasingly force artists to rethink the interface between the contemporary art community and the public.

learning in the book of nature

Fuzzy relates to conceptual uncertainty and Bayes relates to factual uncertainty.

All naturalistic artworks should learn to read carefully in the book of nature; that is the secret!