I have long grutched the time spent at funny prime numbers

You are at once custodian of the narrative, myth maker and myth interpreter of funny looking prime numbers.

John Tusa

Necessity is the mother of all invention

From Nature,from Adelard of Bath

This is why so many of the works of natural philosophy from antiquity to the Renaissance have apocryphal attribution: a book apparently by Pliny or Aristotle was more likely to be read. The progressive thinkers of the early Middle Ages hid their new wine in old flasks, so that others would take them seriously.

Because our generation refuses to accept anything that seems to come from contemporary fellows, if I wish to publish a new idea, I have to attribute it to someone else.

Oddly enough computer generated art

Much of the internet is immediately ignorable, even if it is a bit of a time waster, but for computer generated art.

My cardioid i sent to you

With love and osculations:

O conjugate, let's have no more

Harmonic separations.

Love's a bound this day, and I

Wait thy reciprocations.

Leo Moser, Valentine