complexity requires simplicity

Art is computationally intractable, Science relies on logic, Humor answers.

Scientific figures must be beautiful as well as informative

Science and Art

Quirky science is necesssary because life is a quirky set that has a finite number of elements.

think of a way to test it experimentally

It is well established that kooky art have a strong idiosyncratic component. That idea is a very attractive hypothesis, Emmelina says. I'd like to think of a way to test it experimentally. However, for at least 5 % of cases, the underlying aesthetic cause is unknown.

the purpose of basic research

Looking for rare things, even if rare animals and plants are only quirky dysfunctional species.

quirky biology

Reality merely is a self referential joke, we have evolved to believe in the existence of objective artistic rules because they help promote our species.

quirky science

Most idiotic ever rounding error, the solution of the problem is a squid.